Your entry in saving energy ...

The TECHNOSY KALAITZIS BROS company ,searches, designs, supplies, installs and guarantees electricity generation systems,heating systems, cooling systems, as well as solar thermal systems in buildings, businesses and industries.

Our experience in the energy sector allows us to offer a wide range of applications, both in the private and public sectors. Careful selection of the technologies used by the company, but also the professionalism, led to the effective implementation of projects that are an actual advertisement of energy industry.

We aim to contribute to improving the quality of life of all of us, through familiarization and implementation of modern systems in an area that really fulfills all the conditions for the application of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our activities cover the full range of solutions, services and products in the clean energy space, regardless of size.

Our philosophy is to be close to our customers before and after the completion of our cooperation.

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